Common beech is adeciduous wood and can grow up till forty meters high.

It has wide formed treetop and thin plain and bright graybark.

Beech is a very caloric tree and it is used in pizza ovens because it gives strong and long lasting fire. Moreover, it has been used for furniture production. You can manufacture beech very good by hand as well as with machines. Also, you can glue, grind, drill, bend and process the surface.


Oakisa deciduous and evergreen wood from the beech family.

There are around 200 oak kinds. Usually, they are large trees. This kind is perfect for preparing food in restaurants because it makes a lot of heat. Also, itisused a lot for curing meat before thermic processing.


Olive treeneeds

Olive treeneeds to be cut regular and the cutting rest are good renewable energy source. Since there are trees that are over 100 years old in Mediterranean regions, they are used for heating becausethe olive and olive oil producers prefer use younger and more prolific trees, in order to reduce their expenses. The olive tree has wonderful natural aroma. This kind is good to be on open fire and in wood stoves, but also for pizza stoves.


Hornbeamis a medium-size deciduous tree with very crooked and round crown, often with twisting branches.


It is one of the strongest trees in the world. Hornbeam has smooth and bright gray bark.


It can be used in handicraft, but it is also excellent for preparing food in restaurants.


Even though it is difficult to cut, it remains outstanding if you need a lot of heat.

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