Mappa Burl is a wood kind of European populus.

This decorative kind became popular in the last few years.

Even though it is a European wood kind, we can find in some books that some early Italian migrants planted it on the west coast in the United States. It has been prevalent used for fabrication of decorative and quality pieces of furniture. Artists, Furniture manufacturer and sculptors appreciate it. It has been also used for manufacturing cigar boxes, jewellry boxes, photo frames, watches…This specific kind has been used even for the manufacturing the instrument panels of cars and planes.


It has a bright brown heart rounded with dark shades of brown.

Also, it has a unique smell that is similar to the skin smell. The experts underline the big advantage of this wood kind such as usually big boards and easily to process. The quality of these wood pieces determine a lot of factors but mostly density and covering of knots.


Mappa Burl requests sharp tools for manufacturing because of the hart material nature.

You can easily cut and glues with sharp tools. It accepts good screws and nails. The experts recommend filling in with small holes, which are normal, with filling material before finishing the end product.

This wood id dried in a stove and colored on both sides, a lot of pieces are unique on the marketplace. Furthermore, they are ideal for bars, tables and work surfaces.


There is no material that would make your space so niche and comfortable and war as wood. Regardless of table, bed, dresser or any other piece of furniture.


Wood offers a unique combination of beauty and functionality.


Besides, it is a natural material that doesn´t affect your health.

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